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  • (Jetting changes may be required to fully realize the advantages of these filters). Consider the jets that will be used The first thing to consider before rejetting is to get all jets from 1 place that is strict about the quality of their jets. I referenced the jetting chart on BBR website. Cut some slots and fasten to the carb with clips. com forum report this is a 45. That shorter intake tract allows for easier engine breathing at high RPMs, but poor performace at low RPMs. My buddy's son has a clone CRF50 with a pod filter and that's caused his bike to die after going through water. They’re a little hard to find though. Sep 02, 2014 · Hi all! I'm pretty new in the whole motorcycle business, but every day I learn a little more. thanks for any help you can give me i just recently installed pod air filters on my bike and it is running horible the consensus seems to be that i need to go up one size on the main jet and maybe up a size on the pilot jet also just wondering how i can check what size my main jet is and then how does the numbering system work (increasing numbers or decreasing numbers) RD350LC with 31k carbs Jetting. Jet Kit Calculator Techincal How does the CarbJetKit jet Kit Calculator work? The Calculator is the only existing tool to determine what Jet Kit is needed for your Motorcycle considering altitude, ambient temperature and applied intake and or exhaust modifications. Sometimes stock jetting works fine, other times a slight adjustment is needed. TTP Bonneville, Thruxton & Scrambler Jetting Kit 11a. This goes straight into my question. Buy the following Kawasaki part numbers: 92063-1116 - 108 main jet; 92063-1114 - 110 main jet  Now, when you remove the airbox and replace it with pod filters, the pods or whatever filter you put in there, even the nice K&N ones, don't generate vacuum like  9 Oct 2013 The Skinny on needles: Ok, dropped my needles one clip to the 3rd position from the top. I heard I'll need to "rejet" my carb. Jetting kit for a bike with: My Monza is fitted with pod filters but I run standard jetting apart from a 130 main jet, however all the jets were renewed on recommissioning. I'll probably 7 Feb 2012 Removing the airbox and adding pods filters requires re-jetting (an increase of main jet size) of the carbs and possible exhaust changes as well  12 Mar 2014 Keith Fellenstein discusses using pod filters on a Suzuki GS450. Could it be All aftermarket filters or exhaust flow more air & your system will require more fuel to go with that air. this means you need to up your pilot jets one size. pdf I increased there recommendation by 10% because I have a stage 2 exhaust (Vince & Hines 4 to 1) so I'm running 98/125 for my jets and the bike screams. Dec 06, 2013 · Get the bike running correctly with the original carbs, airbox, filter, and jetting, and THEN worry about pod filters. ^^Exactly. Do you have any sage like advice on this project for a 1983 Yamaha Midnight maxim? Thank you for you time and great articles. The stock cable for a '78 DT 175 E is a tad different but if you are fortunate enough to have the original screw on top, it's an easy swap. 99 ($5. K&N make high flow pod air filters. 24 May 2016 If you install pod filters on your custom motorcycle , bobber, chopper or café racer , you should make or you could just re-jet the carbs properly. It is really not the filter being the reason for the re-jetting, but the elimination of the BMW TUNING EFFECTS by greatly shortening the 'effective pipe length' on the carburetor intake SYSTEM. 17077_inst. If yes, suggestions please. 99 $29. Mikes XS also stocks OEM-type air filters for Yamaha XS1100s and XS850s. Due to the fact that you will be flowing much more air without the airbox, you will need to adjust the jetting in your carburetors after you install pod filters. (cheapest I XS Performance pod filters The advice: "These carbs are *really* easy to run rich. You can build one yourself for around $100. From Café Racers to Street Trackers and all in between removing the air box and replacing it with some high-performance air filters is high up on most builder’s priority list. . I've been searching everywhere for information on what jets and needle settings I should run with pod filters but I can't find any place with that information so if I were to run pod filters and a rejet kit, then Excellent post and pictures. Here is the dial-a-pod tuning method if you dont want to remove your carbs: \r\rI helped out a youtube fan with his CB450 by installing a carb kit to make his bike run better with pod filters. I've not tried jetting for pod filters, all my bikes run an airbox. Also keeps a lot of the mud and water out. Honda: 400EX: 2001 : 160: 42 : DG slip on, K&N filter lid: Honda: 400EX: 2001 : 158: 58 : Pro circuit This particular bike had a Dynojet "Stage 3" jetting kit, which was actually a good thing. This will make the bike run like crap. Hello Triplers, Can anyone please share some experience on using the Uni Foam Open End Pods (vs) K&N Cones Chrome End Closed Pods. Also, does anyone know where I can get an exhaust that will fit my baby? JETS-R-US: ABOUT JETTING AND JET KIT INFORMATION. K&N's (or similar Pod filters) are good for performance - 95% of the time. 5 main jets and I am sorry but I forgot what pilot jets we used. Uni Foam Air Filter Pod Top Selected Products and Reviews Uni Filter 2-stage Angle Pod Filter 63mm I. Q: I own a 1980 Suzuki GS450, which I bought from a guy who had started to “rehab” the bike. It has a 4-1 exhaust, and I just ordered 54mm pod filters for it. On a side note I found a pair of oem carb diaphragms for $20ish. My 90cc atc 70 used to bog with a pod filter as you stated till I wrapped it nicely with a rag and zip ties. Improve the Look of Your Ride. Yes. I have put XS performance pod filters from Mikes. 2) A Hawk with M4 and Uni pod filters, going from stock engine to 700cc with cams/porting and ending up with 70hp. The current jetting is as follows: Main Jet - 150R Suzuki GS750 With Carburetor Engine 1981-1983, Clamp-On Pod Filter Kit by UNI Filter®. stock size is 40, up all of them to 42 and turn your 'd' screws on each carb to about 3 turns out for a starting point. The bike currently has free flowing exhaust, air box removed and pod style air filters. K&N's still need "oiling" with the special filter oil (K&N stuff is red) and also cleaning now-and-again. Q. Rejetting the Carburetor Pilot Jet. Here is what we've come up for in our area and is a great starting point for you as well. The filters fit to the carbs the same but they are tapers and only extend from the carbs 3 1/2 inches I believe. +2 main fuel jet size for drilling holes in the airbox with stock filter or +4 main fuel jet sizes for individual pod filters (no airbox) Additional  6 Dec 2013 Lots of people talk badly about pod filters, and insist that a bike with CV carbs will always run better with the stock airbox and filter. One such bike was a ZX750 that I owned for a few years and then sold to my buddy 100% stock. Unfortunately, you lose the look of the pod filters if that's what you're after. It will run leaner if you go to pod filters. 10,973 topics in this forum. ok so i have a stock 05 klx 110 with stock jetting and just a pod filter. Jetting can correct the air/fuel ratio, but it cannot create airflow. But how do I jet stock 38 carbs off a 77 standard to run pod filters and an open exhaust? also would there be any difference in 1. If you don't rejet, you will not like it. 1980-84 models with emissions type 34mm. it also wont idle. I had extra gsf600 jets so I swapped the pilot jet from 35 to 38 and the main jet from 108/110 to 130. The Uni Air Filter-Clamp On is a high performance foam and biodegradable. (Courtesy of Jack Vstar_In_NH ) (2) K&N RU-0600 filters (2) Properly sized main jets (jetting info available from the Jetting and Tuning link above) (2) Properly sized pilot jets (jetting info available from the Jetting and Tuning link above) Note: This article is very similar to this jetting article. The one with the race can had a 135 main with 84j/3 needle. Re: ZG1000 eliminate air box « Reply #13 on: July 25, 2019, 07:06:47 pm » The best thing you can do for a good running C-10 is a stock airbox and Steve's 2 minute mod jetting. An alternative would be converting to pod filters, but that will also involve re-jetting the carbs since the mixture will be leaner with pod filters. Sep 09, 2015 · Motorcycle POD trick without rejetting in CV carbs how to easily tune pod filters for motorcycle carburetors with new diy kit Getting pod filters to work on cb750 without jetting Dec 29, 2009 · I heard you have to change the jets, when you replace the original air box with the pod type air filters. In the middle of a significant rebuild of my 1980 CX500. Subract 1 pilot jet size for every 6,000 fet above sea level. For a small comparison, my 2-stroke street bike uses 185 main jet with the stock airbox, runing k&n pods I have to run 320 mains, needle raised one notch and air screw in 3/4 turn. 5s and pulled the lid off the airbox. emgo 48mm pod filters (ebay) – (you have to slightly modify the 2 inner pods to clear the choke, i doubled up the rubber sleeve and used rubber epoxy to seal, glue them together) Better than pod filters are velocity stacks. Or get some VM29 smoothbores. Spark plugs, air filters, reeds and so on. , and can't find anyone with direct experience of ditching airbox and just attaching some type of pod filters. Hi im currently setting my carbs up to run k&n pod filters , ive got a dyno jet stage 3 kit installed , ive set the main jet to 132 the needle to 4 from the top and the air screw 4 turns out , I got it on the dyno its running to rich bottom end and running to lean mid to top and only making 87 as stated above earlier,,hotter air will decrease hp output and will lead to richer jetting conditions and thinner operating temp range,they run best with an airbox with gutted hood's foam intake to throw even fresher air toward the carbs,some jetting up may be needed but power will increase wider as response too,that what i've done to mine and with pipes and porting it do really worth the Quick post to help with jetting your c. Some will even solder the jets solid and re-drill them when a smaller size is needed - but I'd have to be pretty desperate to do that Re: jet sizes for pod filters I recently bought a 2000 ZRX1100 with a muzzy full exhaust and Factory Pilot 3. Bike idles smooth and will rev if teisting the throttle slowly, bu re: i got pods to work!!!!! Guys, I wanted to attached K&N jet recommendation for using there pods on a 79 CB750. Shop replacement K&N air filters, cold air intakes, oil filters, cabin filters, home air filters, and other high performance parts. I don't plan to spend much time getting the jetting tuned in since it's easier to just get pod filters and a Dynojet kit. In this post I’ll explain the process of rejetting your carburetors in 3 simple steps: Main adjustment (main jets) It seems that stock pilots (17. Add 1 pilot jet size for every 3 main jet size increases. This would mean a stock 110 size jet should be replaced with a 120 size jet; Many Twins and 550 and smaller Honda fours usually do not typically need jetting. Universal Clamp-On Pod Filter Kit by UNI Filter®. While I have the carbs open I was wondering if yall thought it would be necessary to rejet seeing as Im going to be sticking with the pod filters and gutted 2-into-1 exhaust. I just put POD air filters onit. I have pod filters so carb removal should be easy. You need Jun 09, 2011 · What Size Pod Filters? Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Bssoap74, Jun 9, 2011. Factory direct from the official K&N website. This time I wanted to show you all to witness the results and conclusion of carburetor diagnosing in real time Aug 12, 2008 · Jetting & Exhaust Forum. Add 4 main jet sizes for pod filters. bikebandit. 750 Re: What jetting do you use with Dual Pod filters? « Reply #1 on: August 30, 2018, 03:00:02 PM » Changing jets is not a simple plug and play operation so you will not find a chart. Re-cleanable pod filters can add performance and make carb removal much easier. Aug 21, 2010 · One, with a street muffler, was set up with a 132 main and 84j/3 needle. Jan 25, 2019 · How To Tune Carburetors For Pod Filters: Don't Buy a Jet kit carb tuning pod filter Jan 25, 2019 Tuning motorcycle carburetors for the use of pod filters can be a long pain staking task to anyone who doesn't have a grasp on identifying what the carburetor is telling them with the symptoms given. There are very minor mods needed. I've also used GSX750 CV carbs on a Z1, with pods, and again near perfect. i put new jets in the bike with 120s and sync the carbs. 5" holes drilled in the front of the airbox and ran a filter with the screen removed (similar flow to a foam filter). Here's how to do it. to get back to the correct air/fuel mix without re-jetting the carburetors? 6 Jun 2007 Would the jetting be off? It will run leaner if you go to pod filters. All Jetsrus jets have been manufactured in the same plants since we opened. May 31, 2018 · I am looking at replacing the standard air filter with k&n pod filters. Advice seams to suggest with an aftermarket slip on like I have with pod filters the bike is breathing better and maybe Specializing in Hard-to-find Vintage Japanese 2-Stroke Street Bike Parts for Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Bridgestone, Ural Motorcycle Sales, Zero Motorcycle Sales, Sherco Trials Bikes, Scorpa Trials bikes. Oct 25, 2004 · I pu pod filters on it but I dont know where to begin jetting. 5" high Took a wire sink screen from home depot (6$) and added it to the end of each coupling piece via EZ tape silicone tape 54mm K&N Style Air Filter Pod . Here is a tech question- which of the following will require the biggest relative jetting change? 1) A stock engine and exhaust, going from the stock airbox to Uni pod filters. 0 jet kit, GVE's, RT springs, mikuni pump/cust mount, lightened rotor, Aztec8 Duals, EB harness,RX2N, Lenac brake kit/cust. My first try, I was running way too rich -not enough air. But i'd have a hard time justifying that for most people who run open pipes, since they rarely sit at 6k+. 99 $ 19 . I know with my bike the whole airbox assembly and battery box were Awol so I'm looking at some creative fixes and I believe pods will be a first step along the way. You may try that route first before re jetting. « Last Edit: October 05, 2011, 12:30:13 PM by Brian » Frequently Asked Questions. But Ive also heard to go up a jet size or two. K&N pod filters are equally at home on vintage and modern motorcycles and ATVs. Got a couple questions about pod air filters for anyone that can answer them. Then after years of seeing traces of dust and oil that had passed through *some* of them, lost my taste for them. Before that, I used to put oiled-gauze filters in everything, almost mindlessly. Buy the following Kawasaki part numbers: 92063-1116 - 108 main jet; 92063-1114 - 110 main jet; 92063-1117 - 112 main jet; It's doubtful you will need the 112 main jet, but the jets themselves are not all that expensive. 5) are working well in most 1100 applications with a pod set up. The 54mm K&N Style Air Filter Pod will fit carburetor intakes with an outside diameter of 54mm. I want to remove the air box and put on pod air filters. K&N Pod or Lunchbox Air Filter + Sports Exhaust = 20/65/145. Typical applications for the unit include completion cleanups and maximum sand-free rate tests. Push the filter on as far as it will fit on the 2) Stock jetting in the CB500T is #145 Main, #38 Pilot, #38 slow. The second step is to inspect your filters, make sure there's not a big rubber lip on the inside that blocks the vacuum and air bleed ports on the intake side of the carbs. No stacks, no filters, and they were near perfect. Some days ago put some Uni pod filters on the bike, and exhaust from Carpy - now it's a lot harder to Do the pod filters actually improve airflow at all with everything else stock and a single exhaust? These are round mikuni carbs VM38. (All info from xjbikes) MAIN FUEL JET SIZE CHANGES NEEDED PER TYPICAL MODIFICATION: Typical Exhaust Changes: +2 main fuel jet size for custom 4-into-2 exhaust or +4 main fuel jet sizes for 4-into-1 exhaust or Jetting for Pod filters FZ600 I have a 1988 Yamaha FZ600. Using an air/fuel ratio data logger for measurement, a pair of DNA pod filters consistently enabled us to use main jets 3 sizes larger when tested against two other popular brand filters. Of the four setups, one was more modifed. With pod filters tucked behind the engine, you'll be sucking in hot air, which  Pod Filters - Intake - Nengun Performance. Good luck Feb 17, 2014 · I thought id ask some bikers on here, forums are a b*tch to search and forum jockeys never answer the initial questions. above sea level had to use 127. Uni Filters are also available online at these fine dealers. I would stick with stock jetting, to be completely honest. If there is such a company that supply such pods, please let me know too. Some considerations for this modification include; Re-jetting for pods Filtration efficiency of pod filters Pod filter maintenance Pod Kit - Do It Yourself . Most pod type filters allow for vastly increased airflow, and thus require fuel re-jetting, and although no one really talks much about it, probably also require AIR JET changes to match the additional fuel flow, but since no one likes to deal with two parameters at once, it becomes a "tuning nightmare". We know how difficult jetting can be sometimes, that's why when we test our exhausts we also adjust the jetting to see what works best. what should the jetting be and should i put a washer under the needle? it also Carburettor Jetting for DNA Air Filters. Rubber boots are shot and the air box is a lot of empty space. Heavy rain is a problem with pods. Bike related chat. Using pod-type air filters. My altitude-adjusted main jet right now is 280, pilot jet is stock 25 (air screw at about 3/4 turn with the airbox), needle is stock: D6H8, stock is position 4 (4th richest out of 5) but I run position 3 at Nov 06, 2012 · The problem I've seen with pod filters is when riding in wet conditions water gets splashed from the rear wheel directly onto the filter. 95 including new BMC washable filters Filters - 2 chrome capped K&N ; Elbows, boots, clamps to attach filters, crankcase breather filter . The combination of extra air throughput and larger main jets produced more torque/bhp in the mid and top end of the power curve. Cleanable air filters save money over time while improving air flow to the carburetors, and they are necessary for some XS750 fueling mods to function properly. There are Mikuni BS34 carbs on it. The pod filters actually reduce power output and make the power output curve much rougher. Pod filters run a lot more air. The kit would of course also work with K&N or uni-filters too. I would like to buy new jets for my carbs, but I have no idea what the correct ones are. Jun 9 I got 54mm pods, no problems with the bike after re-jetting. Don't forget that if you make a significant change to the intake such as moving to pod filters you will very likely have to re-jet your carburetors to balance the alteration in Niel66 - the pod filters sit too low to install a cross brace across the top triangle. if you go this far, you UNI foam pod filters too I have been an obsessed fan of this bike since it was first released and bought my fisrt H2 back in 1980 (I couldn't afford one until I was 20 yrs old) It was a 1975 H2 C model. The Uni Air Filter-Clamp On is easy to clean with the Uni Air Filter Cleaning Kit and will help cut the grease and oils down so you are able to reuse I tried other jetting, and even did a run with K&N pod filters I picked out (they bolt right onto the carburetors). For example: Using pod filters instead of the stock airbox is a really common modification for the CX and GL series; it creates an empty space behind the engine that many find aesthetically pleasing. d. Set the idle speed as per your manual. I have a year 2000 steed 400cc and i dont know if it has the same carbs as a 600cc shadoware there any good sites for buying single jets? thanks in advance. I was looking around for intakes and came upon a forum for the Yamaha Star bikes which has around 12,000 members so I thought it would be a pretty reliable place to refer to. Bike runes well with this combo but after fires in the pipe upon deceleration. Nice article about cleaning out carbs. I ran a K&N pod air filter on my Blaster for awhile, and didn't like it. Jul 08, 2011 · ok I have a 82 gs650 and i put the pod air filters on it. Typically jump up 10 (2 sizes) from existing jet size. I never could get the carburetor tuned properly with it on there and I was always having to clean it from all the dust. Baseline jetting, a place to start when rejetting . Bike was running like shit when gave anymore than about 1/4 throttle. The needles on the Keihin VB 28A carbs are non adjustable. The initial off idle is bogged a bit. I'm here to  Note: This article is very similar to this jetting article. using pod filters (seen below) WITH stock carb boots – Filters attached to end of the boots as opposed to straight on the carbs. It was a little lean at first so I went with V&H's recommendations, replaced the jets with 117. I have links to what I have on my bike. " -Sundie As i said before, different bikes with different setups will obviously be jetted differently, however a 750 with full exhaust and pod filters (for example) is going to be "close" in jetting to that of a different 750 also with full exhaust and pods. I have not jumped into this project yet. The product that put Dynojet on the map and made us an authority in the fuel tuning world, our Jet Kits help vehicles with carburetors optimize their air/fuel ratio for power and performance. Maxair Predator Pro Kit for the Yamaha V Star 1100 - FAQ . Jetting Database EDIT: This thread is for jetting specs only; jetting discussion can continue in this discussion thread. Important note! Check out here for needle jet wear information before jetting! "Config 30, C30, Stage 3" style CRB-S74-3. Have searched on other sites, forums, etc. The purpose of this thread is to consolidate the information from people who have done any type of work to their carburetor jetting to improve the stock bike's rideability. 0 jet kit with pods. Even with an Outerwear on there. For a '78 DT 175 E, it fits well. Whether you're using the stock air box or pod filters, make sure the air box boot or pod filter is securely   2 Oct 2015 the bike has pod filters on there which don't exactly work that well with cv carbs but I hate fiddling with air filter boxes. Now I wouldn't have to buy a jet kit. It is normal for heat gauge to run about 1/4 way when out on the road. But… you’ll want to run k&n Sep 13, 2011 · Hi I would like to put KN pod filters to my 94' xj 600. Never said anything about artificially strangling the airflow. I have got onto dyna jet who can provide a 3 stage jet kit but they are for the European version. Honda CB350 / CL350 Scrambler / CB360 / CL360 Scrambler / CJ360 / CB450 / CL450 / CB500T Angled Pods and Jets Bundle Includes: Angled Pod Filters w/ Clamps x 2; Jet kit (Choose base on your bike) Installation Tip: Pod filters are a snug fit on the ends of the carbs and next to the battery box. Deluxe Urethane End Cap. 5 Main Fuel Jet 35 Pilot Fuel Jet 70 Main Air Jet 170 Pilot Air Jet 4GZ11 Needle MAIN FUEL JET SIZE CALCULATIONS: Changes made: Exhaust: 4 into 1 with Supertrapp = +4 Sizes Main Fuel Jet Intake: K&N Pod Filters = +4 sizes Main Fuel Jet Mar 10, 2010 · Hey I am trying to figure out where i can buy larger jets for my carbs so that i can run the air pod filters. If you have a Vstar 650, these are a perfect fit to replace the factory airbox. Bottom end is in good condition. Pod filters decrease your bottom end. I didn't want to remove the back tire and re-installing them was a *****! High Pressure Sand Filter. 00/Count) $29. Pod Filters  Aftermarket pod filters are a good, inexpensive alternative. Best I can tell it is the float bowl seals leaking. Feb 28, 2013 · I have the same problem, I want to put pod filters on my bike, but don't want to go through all the trouble of re-jetting the carbs. Plugs are indicating a lean burn. Either mikesxs or jetsrus. These non-believers often stem from a vague sense of knowledge and a lack of know how to fully explore and solve a problem. I wasn't looking for a performance increase with the filters, and I didn't want to get into jetting the carbs. Feb 24, 2018 · Hi Guys,I'm Building a Bike t250 Engine, USD forks, café racer style,Higgspeed pipes,pod filters. I took it for a shakedown ride to check everything works before I break it down for paint etc. Specializing in Hard-to-find Vintage Japanese 2-Stroke Street Bike Parts for Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Bridgestone, Ural Motorcycle Sales, Zero Motorcycle Sales, Sherco Trials Bikes, Scorpa Trials bikes. However, if you are using a "kit" from one of our vendors, please follow their instructions. You want 43-46mm. I heard you have to change the jets, when you replace the original air box with the pod type air filters. Warning: Total newbie. I have pod filters I do not have side covers on my bike and I choose to let a little more air into my system. Keep in mind re-jetting the carp is strongly advised! My particular setup I removed the rear 2 baffles, installed these pod filters, and at 680'ish ft. Uni Pod Filter Kits feature a black urethane end cap, black foam element, black urethane snout and a stainless steel clamp. Never stop gaining knowledge and understanding of the things you love. I know they don't make a  You must have our MB kit or Pod filter kit to get the advertised gains - works No jetting changes needed when using these ported intake boots with our carb kits. If you bought your bike used and don't have a manual, get one. May 15, 2016 · Rejetting carbs can be a real hassle. Installed new FMF exhaust, new carb (OEM size) with 105 main and 40 pilot, and UNI pod filter. Some 2-stroke engines (RD Yams) don't like them coz it upsets the airstream & back pressure pulses. You'll need to check with the manufacturer of the "pods" - since you didn't provide the make/model of them here, I can't say for sure if they require a jet adjustment, replacement, or if you don't have to do anything. Do I need to oil both the inner and the outer filters? A. Both were running stock filters. 790/865 Jetting Kits DNA high flow pod filters Long free flowing silencers. Re: *Why* aftermarket air filters (UniPods) affect fuel mixtures in CV carbs. Apr 03, 2018 · 2003 XR100. Oct 23, 2005 · Hello, I have a 2002 with T5’s and pod filters, +2° timing, stock carbs. Some do - but to do it at all properly requires a drill press and vise to hold the jet straight and secure - as well as accurate drills. Trying to understand the difference with the theory of air supply which completely opposite between UNI pods vs K&N and their relationship with performance in conjugation with jetting sizes, stock engines/ported engines. Admittedly, most of that goes back to my years as a motorcycle mechanic, pulling off (probably hundreds of) pod filters, and not always liking what saw. 5 pilot jet but some owners on . If your bike's motor is not mechanically sound, then all the jetting in the world will not help. It was an enlarged hole that I put back to standard size because it was a lot easier to sort than go messing with up jetting. 0-AFK with filters $249. While they look good, he changed nothing on the carb setup, resulting in a typical flat spot in midrange on/off throttle response. Question is given the dynamics at off idle – pressure and air flow as the throttle opens would I be best to tackle this as is done with 77’s with a air jet change to the idle circuit (side of carb fix-easy) or mod the idle post jet. I've decided to totally rip out my air box and replace it with two 2" pod filters. I've bought a old Honda CB550k3 from 77' some months ago, and my goal is a nice cafe racer. The use of these types of mesh filters at the intake of each carburetor WILL require re-jetting of the carburetors. 8 out of 5 stars 1,460 $19. Learning How to tune your carburetors for a new exhaust as well as other bolt-on modifications, will set you apart from anyone else on the street. LC / YPVS & 500 Chat The simple answer is the pod filters flow air easier as they have more foam area which Perfect Pod EZ-Cup Disposable Paper Filters with Patented Lid Design for Reusable Coffee Pods 4-Pack (200 Filters) 4. , WW torsion bar, Eric'c cf sidestand and res bracket, Bogans Sprocket cover, plus much more Pod Filters Ok, after spending a day and half removing and re-installing my carbs, yes you read that right a day and a half, I decided I would like to switch to pods. you may notice off the line surging, lurching, not as responsive throttle, etc. However, a cross brace could be installed lower (if that makes sense), or perhaps better yet, an "X" in the section in front of the carbs. Dec 30, 2010 · Really liked this thread, good to know. 3. 2. According to Dynojet's instructions, that size jet should be used with pod-style filters, which I'd been thinking about using anyway. Also on a side note I ended up making my own pod filters if anyone is interested my carbs measures just about 50mm OD I took a exhaust coupling from autozone (2"OD) cut it in half so each one was about 2. now when the bike hits 40 it falls on its face. For the sort of riding I do the best was with the carbs as close to the heads as possible and short pods - the long bell mouths only give more power over the last couple of hundred revs , and I just dont go there often. With out the caps on there is nothing to keep your filters tight,& dirty air can get past them. It may be best to try to find some new rubber or work out your jetting with pods. I want to run straight pipes and Ive heard to go up another two to three jet sizes for that. Just wondering what you VM34 users are running for the slide, pilot, needle, needle jet and main jet. Jets for the carbs on the 1974 to 1976 models are not easy to find, but //www. I have a 2008 scrambler with leaky carbs. 5 jets on right now. May try longer spacers in the future to see if that changes anything. com For those of you who've ever researched into putting pod filters on your constant velocity(cv) carbs, I'm sure you've dealt with the constant push back that it just can't be done. Essentially, Main Jets need to increase if you shorten pipes and add pod filters. I will be doing my carbs soonish, and this helped me to figure out about how many jet sizes i should order t start off. You can count on that same sand will find it's way through a poor quality filter and hone your cylinder for you. The use of pod air filters slightly increases power, but it also reduces low-end driveability and reliability. 5 pipes or 1. Motorcycle Pod Filters are a staple on any custom bike. Bike runs best with these. Restore your motorcycle’s lost performance with new XS750 clamp-on pod air filters. I have a 1980 XS 650 with Mikuni 34 carbs on her. Any and all information will be appreciated. You can only begin re-jetting your carburetor if the following conditions are met: 1. Subtract 2 main jet sizes for every 2,000 feet above sea level. I don't know what is currently in there but I'm pretty sure it is on it's original jetting so with these filters I imagine it will run very lean as intake will be massively increased over some of us have had trouble with the k&n and had to rejet, so be aware of that before you spend the $$ on the filter. I have posted a link to a CV carb manual from Honda that might give you some insight to hew these carbs work. My jets are 25 pilots, 310 mains (they’re about 1 size above where I could be, but I played it safe with a nice caramel color, I’d rather be slightly rich and not rebuild too soon) needle on the 4th notch, and mine pulls very well and smooth throughout the powerband Changing to pod filters will usually require you to move up to larger jet sizes. Uni Filters are available worldwide, but the best place to find a Uni is your local motorcycle shop. *maybe* a step up on the pilot, and *maybe* two on the main, for totally open intake/pipes. Running Pod Filters on CV (Constant Velocity) Carbs If your motorcycle doesn’t have the stock airbox or you’re looking to switch to pod filters for some other reason, you may find the tuning and jetting CV carbs with pods can be frustrating. 5 main jets,and as you can imagine,it didn'trun worth Re: Pod filters versus stock air box with K&N filter? Purge dynoed his bike with KN in airbox, pipe and jet to suit. Runs and idle well. The hoses just turn a inch or so,just to keep water out. Firstly I couldn't get the carbs to work without stacks fitted before the filters - no problem cut some round 2" rain pipe at same length as the original rubber airbox ones (about 3") - warm the end with a hot air gun and pass the end over the carb bellmouth and let cool. Id say go up 2 or 3 sizes. Personally if ur using 26mm mikuni,s I,d stick with the airbox no need to modify if outright power not important , with box need around 260-280 depending on if tuned or not , with pods looking at 300 onwards , I,f u need more air u can always take out the airbox inners n drill the lid. It has the stock 135/42. reasets, CRG mirrors/levers, Full ti M4, Fabi hugger, Gino's roller, Brents frame slider, BTTs res elim. Installation on the GS was a simple matter of removing the rider’s seat, loosening the two screws that hold down the cover of the air-box and then removing the lid itself. I fiddled around with pod filters and induction tract lengths, but varied the bit between the head and the carb. See the Matrix for what other users have found to work. It reads that carb rejetting is required. Ive been asking the same question, I have a 78 gs550 with pods. The sputtering may be caused because of the caps missing allowing to much air into the air box. Currently I'm running a K&N pod filter, but I don't think the previous owner made any jetting changes. Removing the airbox and stock air filter and replacing it with a pair of pod filters is a common mod on these bikes; pods like these: We found 54mm pods to work well. Started up first kick and will idle but wont rev up. you get the point. I'll post a threat with all the details shortly. Unfortunately Re-Jetting is a black art (so many variables including humidity, altitude, engine condition etc etc) so often much tweaking of jet sizes is needed to find the perfect combination. Nov 19, 2013 · Penske 8983, 3. He installed pod filters on the carbs. So you have been enjoying your bike for months now or maybe you just purchased your first. Needle Jet for all models is X-2 * Yamaha service manual & Clymer manual show 1978 E model as having 42. I just wanted to know if a carburated bike needs to be dyno tuned or re-jetted after upgrading to larger K&N, or any aftermarket, filter/filters. RZ responds very well to filters as Mark said! I would expect a slight increase in performance and gas consumption along with a lot of jetting work to get it right using pods! Personally I use stock airbox unless I don't have one or trying to squeeze out a bit more power. Apr 24, 2013 · Put pod filters on and rejet the bike. It had 5x 1. In terms of jet sizes, genuine mikuni 125's up to 135's mains might get you in the ball park if your not using a kit. Add up all your changes and then: Subtract 2 main jet sizes. Nov 19, 2017 · Pod Filters for your Café Racer. No jetting changes needed when using these ported intake boots with our carb kits These kits were the result of 6 months of testing and were designed into 2 kits: One for stock un-modified airfilter cover & OEM paper air filter, and another for a modified air filter cover w/ K&N or BMC air filter. X 102mm Length Up4245ast Jetting Center › Tuned To Perfection. Yep the caps hold the filters in place. It seems OK, maybe a little lean still but it's hard to tell. Is there anybody out there with a similar setup that wouldn't mind letting me know what size jets they Jan 21, 2012 · Just stick the aluminum sleeve inside the UNI pod filter and keep trimming the length until you get it right. The bike idles smooth but the top speed is significantly reduced for my bike, compared to speeds I can find online. 4 Feb 2010 You need to consider re-jetting your bike whenever there's been a major change to the air intakes (like installing K&N filters which allow more air  9 Jun 2019 I get a steady steady stream of questions about re-jetting for aftermarket pipes on the range of vintage Honda motorcycles we support. My question is does the European and Australian version have the same jetting I was wondering if anyone who has put pod filters on the stock BS38 CVs could tell me what jetting they used? I have the stock exhaust system I apologise if this has been discussed on the forum, I searched and couldn’t find it Cheers, n8 This AFK kit includes BMC or K&N air filters AND the matching carb kit. I have been doing alot of research but i cant seem to find anyway that sells what i need, If anyone has some ideas please tell. Getting ready to go the VM34 route. Aug 05, 2017 · In this video, I really wanted to shed some light on very first MCMD video ever made. i have a road king this is for my son. Thanks Pod Air Filters or Aftermarket Pipes on Vintage Hondas? June 9, 2019 By Randakk 12 Comments I get a steady steady stream of questions about re-jetting for aftermarket pipes on the range of vintage Honda motorcycles we support. The Uni Air Filter- Clamp On is single layer foam that will help trap the small and large particles like dust and dirt particles from reaching close to the cylinder. XJ550 Seca Stock Mikuni BS28-series Carb Jetting: 112. Our goal is consistent jetting results. Jet Kits. 2010 Black Patrol 92,000km's Modtop airbox, 2013 branch pipes, Perch rings, Yamaha petcock, Drilled slides, Gossie needles, 145 mains, 45 pilots, insulated manifolds, Modtop pushrods, Dual FMF exhaust, PA Multi-spark system w Mar 23, 2009 · K&N Air Filter Installation. The exhaust doesn't collect into one, I replaced the collector with two 12" shorty mufflers. Ive heard that with just pods on it you dont always have to rejet, just synch the carbs. The rest of the bike is stock. comstill have them listed. I'll probably just get carb rebuild kit. Sort By . My theory is that it's the intake pulses screwing things up, I bet if you built some sort of plenum for the inlet side of the carburetor to even the pulses out it would be a huge help. Dedicated to your questions and opinions on Banshee exhaust and jetting. v carbs if you've dumped the airbox and running with pod filters and alternative exhaust. CV carbs fitted in North America are a particular problem as they were jetted Very lean, these lack some of the tunable components found on the stock 1970-79 VM38 CV carbs. I have a kz 900 with some late model cv carbs on it (don't ask got it that way) with pod filters on it. I want to improve the first 500 rpms from idle. I'm not sure about AZ but here in SC it's like receiving a constant sand blasting while riding. Can I do it safely without rejetting the carbs? What wrong can happen to my engine? thanks a lot. This seemed to help the off idle stumble a great deal. guess I'll buy 4 sizes up to start. Ive heard that I need to tune the carbs to increase the air/fuel intake, and ive also heard that its not necessary. Whether you ride a modified minibike, middle-displacement motorcycle, ATV, or even an open-class flat tracker, K&N likely has the perfect filter for your bike. Forum Sponsored By. For that reason I left the stock air box and filter on my sons CRF and it runs fine. 18 Dec 2013 This video on how to tune and jet modify your cv carburetors to run with Emgo filter pods on your café racer , bobber and custom motorcycles. What is the Maxair Predator Pro and why should I purchase it for my V Star 1100 : The Predator Pro is a filter system that eliminates the stock restrictive air chamber and snorkel under the tank, allowing for maximum airflow and power gains. I just kept trimming a little of the length off until it ran right. General Jetting Tricks You bike's owner's manual is a great source for recommended jetting and tuning tips. 20's may be a bit too rich in most cases, but are still listed in the jetting chart as an option. Originally it had 107. I bought the filters really cheap and I dont have more money for the carbs. Improve the look of your ride; Replace your under-the-tank pods with externally visible and accessible chrome K&N Filters Sep 25, 2017 · Again, these free-flowing universal pod air filters may require jetting changes in certain applications. A carburetor with vacuum-operated slides will likely be more sensitive to this than a manual slide carburetor. Some folks on here swear they can use pods and have never had to change their jetting. I have a 1983 KZ750-F1 LTD (shaft drive, 4 cyl). It is the main jet that needs to be increased. And a 2-1 Performance Head Pipe exhaust system from Mikes. The last, and one of the most pervasive problems with pod filters on the Kawasaki four is airflow. I've got a 1985 XJ700N, standard in-line four, stock pipes, stock carbs. Period. Bike runs perfect, just an annoying gas drip if I don’t shut off the petcock. I've seen a few different kits, anybody have a favorite? Oh yeah, they're stock 78' carbs. I have made a mistake (pod filters) So I have an '06 V-Star 1100 and I was wanting to upgrade it so I was gonna start with the air. I figured this site could help since the GS500 is just a little bigger version of my baby. She runs but not great,can anybody give me some info regarding jetting etc? Cheers Chris. Can any one recommend a jetting kit for it? or sizes that can used with the stock needle and needle jet, or should I just replace those? A great option for 1978 DT 175 E. There are pod filters and then there are pod filters. That is what you want with a regular pod and stock jetting it runs lean because of to much air. Confirmed choke is off. My breather system consists of plugging up the sump return and routing the rocker box breathers one to each pod filter via a hose connector drilled into the chrome endplate of the pod. The bike had been sitting for quite awhile and I had to clean the carbs. For best performance and dirt stopping ability you need Might be an idea to get some genuine K&N filters as the cheapo ones can make setting your carbs up more difficult + the filtration on them is pretty shite. You get what you pay for. Apr 01, 2011 · The pod filters just let too much junk through which can eat the cylinder pretty quickly. Started searching the net to only find the same answer "pods on cv carbs don't work". before ppl start to say to get a new bike. What i just recently installed pod air filters on my bike and it is running horible the consensus seems to be that i need to go up one size on the main jet and maybe up a size on the pilot jet also just wondering how i can check what size my main jet is and then how does the numbering system work (increasing numbers or decreasing numbers) I have read the posts recommending 120 and 90 jets as a starting point with pod filters and the 2 into 1 MAC pipe. Hey all, The 90 ZR550 I bought came with pod air filters but the jetting was stock. An Outerwear will keep the worst of debris off the filter, but that does not mean it's waterproof. Filters - K&N pod's I'm about to place an order for a load of jets for another bike and thought I might as well get what I need for this one whilst I'm at it. if u roll on the throtle really slow it idles up but if u do it fast it just dies out. Crank seals. no power at all. Re-jetting is required for most applications. if anyone has had the same thing happen and knows how to fix it let me know. PS. I have had luck with restricting the air on the pod filters with any type of foam wrap, sock, ace bandage etc. Filters like K&N will come with instructions if any jetting is needed for their installation. Closer to 1/2 when around town. Bike was out to 470cc, big cam etc. Dual-pot sand filter with sand jetting system (wellhead sand separator) is used to remove sand and other solid particles from oil and gas well effluent to prevent erosion of downstream equipment. Sep 22, 2019 · It has all the stock US spec parts on it, the performance is sad! So the hell with the stock parts , have a set of jolly moto pipes and going to get a proper UNI pod filters for it. The right carb did require a metal spacer that I got from the local auto parts store and hacked the ends off. 99 I have read the posts recommending 120 and 90 jets as a starting point with pod filters and the 2 into 1 MAC pipe. I have individual uni pod filters and cheapo emgo mufflers so relatively free flowing exhaust. Granted I'm Apr 04, 2010 · ^^ I could be way off here, but this is I assume why I have never gotten CV carbs to work "well" on pods and have seen my buddies fuck their bikes up by yanking the air box and putting pods on, jetting and jetting and jetting. Pod filters remove the airbox, therefore removing the pressure chamber it creates as well as shortening the intake tract. You will suck some water into the engine, resulting in hesitation and possibly stalling. As you probably understand I cant wait month more to earn money for the carb rejet. Mar 15, 2015 · The precise effect depends on the type of carburetor you have. If it won't start readily using the manual's technique, your pilot jet is the likely culprit. and i can not get it to run right. Where do I buy a Uni Filter? A. May 17, 2018 · Proper jetting and tuning is very important with pods. « Reply #10 on: April 24, 2015, 12:37:07 AM » Yeah, mightn't be that hard if you know the easy way by undoing the subframe and lowering the frame, but I bet you wouldn't be laughing at the extra labor costs if for some reason a mechanic that didn't know the easy way So far, so good, plus the Modtop flows more air and the bike runs better after jetting it to match the new flow rate. What I have a 78 with rebuilt carbs. Aug 20, 2009 · I'm looking for some advice on jetting my 1982 KZ1000 Police bike. Then same bike with pods, pipe and jetting to suit made about 1hp more. I used open CV carbs on an old CB360 bike I raced for a while. Top end is in good condition. I have a 99 F650 Funduro and want to ditch the airbox and go with pod filters if possible. Hey guy's, I know its probably on here somewhere. I need help on what jetting i need for pod filters and hacksaw mod . What does this mean, and how Just take the rubber boot off the pod filter and stick this piece into it you will now be blocking off a little more than half the airflow of the pod filter. jetting for pod filters

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